Deep Blue Sea and Mongolian Tribes

Finally, the photos from Wellington! I didn't know anyone there and so used www.couchsurfing.org for the first time. It ended up being most wonderful experience in NZ and made this trip so meaningful. Thanks to James, who accepted my couchsurfing request, I was able to meet Lou, Steve, Miles and stay at their amazing place, fully suitable for recording and playing music.
This was pretty much the only day that I went in town. Cruised around on a skateboard and was back by noon to get to those instruments again. 
Ah, yeah, my pathetic attempts to nail nollie lip pop to the side weren't successful. I used to land that trick with my eyes closed, damit... :) By the way, Wellington has the best skatepark I ever skated. It's just so natural and is very close to the city and is not close to any playgrounds as usual. Why people have to make it look so retarded and put it next to a playground where actually to be in a skatepark can be quite painful. 
Streets of Wellington. 
Still Wellington, but Cuba street, no cars on this one. 
Steve put an artwork done by Stevie Gee as a desktop. Wheew! Felt like home immediately! 
Miles is a very good Jazz musician. Plus he is a constant yoga practitioner. He liked to jump on the speaker in his favorite pigeon posture. He sang too, just like a bird.
How could I poosibly end up in this house? It's unreal! That's what a pathway to your home should be like! Well done. 
See any similarities? 
The gear is out. We recorded 6 songs in total. I felt very fortunate to have done that. Some of the song names: "Oh, my God we drank all the Jews (juice)", "Sea Cucumber on the Table", "Southern winds on William st in a whole". The most amazing one was recorded in a kitchen called - "Kalchang, the milk master". After recording this peace the whole mongolian tribe rolled in in a front yard. They greeted us in a great respect and said that the chief was well pleased hearing us playing an old Milk Master's song. Last time it was played thousands of years ago in a cave somewhere near Gobi plateau where the milk master himself disappeared not too long after making the last milk for coffee in a plunger. Yes, they had plungers (french press) before French had them. It was made by the request of Chingishan cause he loved his coffee done nicely.
Some of the ancestors. 
At the music store. Lou just got a job there, I guess. If you need to repair some instruments let him know! 
Lou took me to the party which turned out to be something I could never expected. Felt really like home and homesick at the same time. Jamming the whole night. This is the beauty of having plenty of instruments around and plenty of people who are able to play them! 
I'm following Gandhi. Last time I saw him walking was in Union Square, NY. This time near Wellington train station. 
I hitchhiked up to Taupo same day. On the same night I met one crazy Argentinean who talked me into going to Hastings. On the next day I was back and off to the moon I went. Through the wild, of course. But that's the topic for my next post.  I want to deeply thank James, Lou and Steve for making my Wellington days very special. 

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