Old Is Gold - I Don't Like Gold

I do like photos though. Does it make it Old is A Photo? This is the last entry with photos, I don't have a camera anymore. Well luckily I still got a keyboard so I can type. Moving on to the next subject, I wasn't born in this town but spent here my first eighteen years. The town is really old, so it is like a photo to me.  

 Russian Isus Hristos

fish eye
A hole in the wall

 Training facility.

The next section is called: Riga At Knight.  

 We are being filmed. I recently noticed the fact.
 Sometimes you're offered and asked.
 Spies are everywhere and they know it.
 The dude below was checking my computer while I was away to grab a cup of coffee.
 I was taking a photo of myself and this nice hallway and caught other dudes on tape who were spying on me again from behind.
 The list of names to be spied on.
Good luck. 


Home Is Where Your ... Is

"The trip brings odd misadventure, off-kilter romance, and sudden danger, but the real story involves coming to terms with a lifetime of ingrained resentments plus grief of more recent vintage.” The actual point of the picaresque wanderings, he added, “is coming home.” These lines written by NewYorker's Richard Brody about Anderson's "Darjeeling Limited" when it was about to come out. Today it was same magazine's ArtPick. 

The restlessness of souls these days seems almost overwhelming and I still wonder what is the main motive for people to leave their homes, finding new ones, building families, breaking them apart. Honestly, I haven't found much. The only thing that pops to my mind is that there's a moment which is a continuity of things and we try to live it up to our ambitions, expectations and unconscious desires. We all try to be happy not necessarily knowing what happiness is. We can try and split this reality into most subtle sequence and we still wouldn't find the answer how one should be happy or how to live every day with at least some sort of feeling of satisfaction and yet be part of this society which sometimes reminds me of the loudest industrial machinery one can find. 

"Coming home" to me would be something of finding peace. If finding peace is not anything of the first sentence in this chapter then how can one discover that it's so?

I am a wanderer. Physically and mentally I wander off to discover that happiness is not an external matter. It's the perceptual creativity of the sequence of life or moments that make things what they are to us. So everyday we have a choice of how we look at things and how we shape our reality which is merely arising and serves as a basis for our interpretation. 

Yet we leave the impact, impressions on others with inevitable consequences of any kind. If we look carefully what tools do we have to do so you may find that we have only two external instruments that are activated by one from the inside. The doorways to the physical reality are body and speech with mind as the initiator. 

There's is a hope that music and arts in general are the ones that actually are providing a proof that one can look at reality and interpret it from numerous angles. We use language and concepts in order to communicate but neither of those are the reality itself. It's the world in which we operate, yet there are things to discover. Wander off and bring home what you have found, be creative, share it and be happy!


Stereo Espresso

Some may say - don't you ever look back. Well, I did! I found more photos on the same camera and discovered that I documented my march through the old town on the way from Riga airport where I just had happily arrived from New York. I love this city, no, let me put it this way and maybe hurt some feelings here but I love both cities. "Do you still live in that village?", Bobby asked once on my another frequent visit to Snice. I love my village. 

First stop and my final destination. Where else can you get a Stereo Espresso? For shizzle. 

 Hot ladies hanging around all day!

A small portion of national identity. 

 Check out my steeze. It's like a scene from Rockers.
 Sugar Man, won't you hurry
 "Having kids is like having a tattoo on your face...  You gotta be committed."

Revolution will not be televised. At least in 2 meter radius. In case of technical failure please don't call, evacuate.