Old Is Gold - I Don't Like Gold

I do like photos though. Does it make it Old is A Photo? This is the last entry with photos, I don't have a camera anymore. Well luckily I still got a keyboard so I can type. Moving on to the next subject, I wasn't born in this town but spent here my first eighteen years. The town is really old, so it is like a photo to me.  

 Russian Isus Hristos

fish eye
A hole in the wall

 Training facility.

The next section is called: Riga At Knight.  

 We are being filmed. I recently noticed the fact.
 Sometimes you're offered and asked.
 Spies are everywhere and they know it.
 The dude below was checking my computer while I was away to grab a cup of coffee.
 I was taking a photo of myself and this nice hallway and caught other dudes on tape who were spying on me again from behind.
 The list of names to be spied on.
Good luck. 

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