Lives of the Artists

     Just cycled back from the movie premiere "Lives of the Artists" at Shoreditch Town Hall. I don't know why and what drove me to search twitter for events in Shoreditch tonight but I did and came across this, which was invitational and it was no possible way I could get any ticket. I called people around that might have known someone but no luck so I decided to borrow a bicycle with a basket from my flatmate Josie and cycle down there to see if I could get in. Luckily I met a guy Alan and he was so kind to get me in right for the start of the movie. Needless to say that there was a huge bar with free booze and girls that served popcorn and drinks with red shiny hearts covering their nipples. The film was full of beautiful shots of nature - Teahupoo waves and Greenland, which served as an escape from the streets of London which I've been exploring for three months now. Xavier De Le Rue's part was incredible. The scene when he stops by the water is mind blowing and leaves you with a feeling as if you saw a sky flower.

Eventually it turned out that Alan knew Stevie Gee who I actually got an email from right when I arrived home. The content consisted of the header you see above and this beautiful Tour De Friends poster. I dreamt of lemurs the other night and here you go:

Tour De Friends is still being shaped conceptually. Anyway,  we have animals involved now, who are the guardians of the whole thing. You don't want to mess with crazy apes or lions, do you? Basically the trick is that they reflect your intentions, so be careful!

Bare Love TShirts were printed a week ago in order to raise some cash for the tour. To be honest, they are so good, that leave people speechless and they cannot do anything (incl. buying) else as just to stand and admire them.

Don't loose your head and limbs from wearing these tees like this poor couple did.  Needless to say that Stevie Gee is a visual interpreter of Bare Love to Bare Soul. Why? Cause he's the wildest soul I know.

Time for coffee. Sorry guys, off to Italica, a place owned by italian guy Andrea. It is located on Turnpike lane on the way to Archway. Go say hi to him sometime, he's really friendly and has the best coffee around!


Riding Horses in Leicester square

The show yesterday reminded of horses in the sun.

I jumped on the back of a wild golden horse. My companion in front of me was actually standing on the back of his horse bursting in laughter and heading towards the sunset. Rider on the right was actually riding a rooster which I realized when we were half way there. We entered the world of animation not long after we arrived.


Magic bus 29

I've been staying near Turnpike lane for 2 months now and being without money bus 29 is a saviour. It's a long bus so for those who have used them know what I'm talking about.

Luckily I got all gigs lined up in the first 3 weeks so I could move on to other projects such as printing Bare Love Tees and Tour De Friends beginning of next year. I'm raising money by selling shirts and they call it being a musician. Anyway, I am really stoked Stevie Gee made a design and my friend is helping me out with production. People are rad by preordering shirts, thank you!

Last friday I teamed up with skate filmer/photographer Max to make a first episode of Tour de Friends. I had no money whatsoever and we tried to test how supportive are central London's coffee shops for musicians. Anyway, we ended up getting kicked out from Covent garden, having 5 coffees near by, played 3 songs and food in a cafe in Camden.

Not even we got tasty drinks but also managed to recruit people for the final London gig on dec 12th.

We both saw this wall and jumped out of the bus on the next station. It embraced me in its arms with birds, trees and wild bees.

Primrose hill at the end of the day when we all realize we're wild animals trying to find our true nature.

After all, I wake up next morning, put on Sublime Frequencies Radio Phnom Penh, stretch a bit and think of the reasons and motivations that are keeping me away from spending the rest of my life either somewhere in Himalayas or on the beach in Indonesia playing the tunes to palms and dead fishes and writing poetry for scorpions.


Tour De Friends in preparation

Creatures of the universe. I just did it. Committed myself to more writing on top of all the other social networking, story writing, music writing and memoir writing. Word is a concept, concept is the word. It's how we shape our reality around us and I think it is really important to understand what imprint words and other expression leave on our mind.

As a first and general update I'm in London now, staying here till december 16th. Have a list of gigs lined up and a confident smile on my face or at least it's always there in my heart if it's not that obvious. Check myspace, facebook and twitter for more details, I am sure you know about it already. With this I wanted to have a track on my travels, music and thoughts.

As a name Tour De Friends has been around for a couple years and we would always joke with friends about robbing a bank and going on a world tour visiting exotic places, whatever it may mean, and live a life of a leisure. With time I discovered that the only life of leisure I can get is giving up everything I had and putting a hard work empowered with enthusiasm towards some of the ideas.

This project became real in the end of october when I figured that staying longer than the last date I have a gig on is useless. After a long debates with my beloved witches on a full moon night, when I turned into a bear instead of a wolf, we came to agreement that this is a path to go for El Mars Universe and after receiving a strong empowerment and blessings of the wild beasts I dived into an endless realm of imagination. It does surprise me in its ridiculousness sometime but I never lose any belief in it since all the causes are set just right.

Stevie Gee is a man guilty for all the transcendental images of Bare Love to Bare soul that bewitches you every time you look at them and beyond that. Currently he's meditating to get all the magic embedded in the poster of Tour De Friends. Check his blog for all the details.

Now save me from becoming a zombie and getting a screen tan and let me have a walk around the beautiful area of Finsbury park where I am staying with most welcoming people.

Bare Love