Lazing On The Sunny Afternoon

Kicked off this day with royal breakfast. Went to the beach and now sinking into a lazy mood before heading back to New York. Did some walking again. Visited Delphine Blue at East Village Radio and had some fun talking. You can check their archives for the show. It was on 23.06. I will embrace my laziness today and stop writing. Enjoy the photos. Say hi to someone I know.


Ligo Ligo Till The Morning Light

This is how we roll! Pictures from Ligo (solstice) celebration in New Hampshire. Couple things I didn't capture - huge bonfire at night and everything that happened after I passed out. After a couple pints of homebrewed beer my legs became really week. I got to give all the credits to Zane and Emily, who invited me to this event and drove all the way there and back. Coming back to New York was really funny because it reminded me of weekends spent in a countryside back in Latvia and how I always struggled to motivate myself to return to Riga on Sunday. Holidays always missing one day. I wish it wasn't so. Anyway the real date for this celebration is today and probably the streets of Riga are pretty empty. One of the reasons is that it's national holiday, another one is that they are pretty empty anyway . Traditionally people try to find a spot by the nature and spend couple days either camping or chilling in a country house. 
When tents were up and everything was just right people gathered around bonfire. We were given sheets of songs and proceeded to the houses that were in that territory. Obviously they were expecting us with homemade cheese, beer, latvian traditional bread and all kind of snacks. I actually never honored this tradition back home so much but it was totally different here and somehow made more sense than ever. 

 Priecīgus Jāņus!