Key To The City!

I was asked today what did I like the most about NYC? I was standing in the line on Times Square, a place I rarely go to, so actually being able to skate there made an exception. Plus I wanted to get The Key To The City  - a social art project I was told about the night the wedding was on the roof. And so I did. It's a weird ceremony in the middle of the whole lameness and while standing in not such a big line, I got paired with this dude from Louisiana, Daniel, because you're supposed to hand over the key to someone and can't be on your own. I didn't know it and it didn't matter eventually but seeing some familiar faces in unfamiliar places blew my mind again. 

So while we're standing in line and involve ourselves in somewhat like wedding ceremony, Daniel, a guy who actually handed me the key, asked what was my favorite thing about New York. Here's the answer above and below - it's the rooftop of the building on Norman ave, Brooklyn! 
This is the reason and not lack of cash why I might want to stay longer in this magnificent city. Niabi is my friend that makes incredible music and I had a chance to make music together with her the other night. 
This is the view from her rooftop btw. Quite confusing I must admit, suddenly you can't tell where all the bridges are. Crazy.

This is Daniel and a girl behind us right before the official signing ceremony and receiving a key to the city. It's a really sick art project where you are given a key that unlocks many doors, mailboxes etc that others can't have access to. For examle - you can switch on and off the light of one lamp in Bryant park. Plus all of those places are far from touristy. Or maybe that's the thing that attracts them... he:)
It was a proper hike in the city today. I skated all the way from Norman and Monitor to Snice cafe where my friend Bobby works, on W4 He is a heart of this city, honestly, plus he hooked me up with coffee and fucking awesome sushi sandwich on a day when I had 75 cents in my pocket, which I gave away to a beggar not too long after. Can't get attached to things!
Photographing rooftops of buildings. The city reveals itself from another perspective.  
doesn't it?
And here's the magic Key. You'll here more stories when I actually visit any of those places and use it. 
Skating Bobbie's suggested route from 8th ave and W4th st to Williamsburgh bridge. Look up in the map what a distance is that. I skated all the way to E49, then skated along the horse shit on the same street along the park and got on 6th ave to skate down the island again. My shoes are done by the way. You can support my marathon in Feed Me Menu. It's highly suggested actually. 
East Village to Lower East side! 
Williamsburgh bridge. 
Bobby remains a legend in my mind. This is the dude I used to look up in FTC skateboard videos. Times are changing and so are interests but respect remains the same. He pulls squashed cigarette pack and a beercan out of his pocket and says: "Dude, if you saw my room, it all consists of shit like this. I am working on an art project. The street gives another form to those things." I love this city.

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