Forge Your Own Chains

    The day kicked off with  signs of heavy hang over. The best way to deal with it is to embrace it and think of it as a natural state. Met up with Chad later to got some photos somewhere in Brooklyn. Ended up going to Coney Island. Probably the worst time to go there, because it was raining like hell. Anyway, we went, zig zagging on train all over Brooklyn. 
One part of the mission was to open a black box in a Public Library down there and to use The Key To The City for the first time. We opened a box and I left my confused look right there when we closed it. It had some pieces of metal saying: "These things were used around 18th century and they were pulled out of the water." Wow, what an exciting thing to know. 
Coney Island reminded me of project houses we had in Latvia. They all have the same feel to them and it easily could be anywhere in any of Post Soviet countries. Yet it was in New York. 
Double Trouble
Epic moment when I got 20$ out of ATM and went out to get some groceries and hit Glasslands for Breakthru radio gig. First band was rad and I left after hearing couple songs from next band. 
The Bear was in the audience. That's when I realized I've been there before. 
It was pouring like crazy, but I like walking with water dripping from my forehead in my eyes and proceeding to the nose, lips and hits the glossy asphalt after that. Plus wet pants sticking to your skin.
"Brūklene" means a cowberry in latvian. It's really tasty when not it's not too much. Yet with specific dishes, like pancakes, it's the best you can have. Same thing with Brooklyn - it's perfect for certain things  but it can't be too much or it gets bitter.
Creeping Shadows. 

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  1. another great post and good suggestion of how to deal with hangovers!

    keep it up

  2. Hells yeah! Thanks for kind words, it definitely keeps me motivated to write more!