Motherland Birthed Me, Melodies Nursed Me

It's been almost a month since my last post and it was for a reason. I haven't stopped playing music ever since I returned and suddenly my life started spinning on a whole other level. I thought traveling was wild. Motherland threw me into real wilderness and I am still moving around from one place to another not knowing where I'll sleep, eat and wake up. I visited my home just to change wardrobe. I had four Tshirts for half a year and it was such a pleasure to discover old gems. 

Me and Matiss, an incredible drummer, spent times playing at people's houses at parties, birthdays and even endless fields with paragliders flying over our necks. These photos are from cameras of others, I haven't got time to empty my card yet, so some details may appear soon. 
French Cafe in my 800 years old hometown Cesis greeted us with incredible lunch, coffee and even dessert served by Philip, the chef himself.
Jamming just couple days before the Festival where we had to play with two projects. Every moment brought something new. Every sound was special and so was the show - improvisation of now. 

Backstage before the show. The problem that I encountered is that I don't like play songs in their original structure because it robs that form of expression from its content. In that case it becomes simply an act of replication of what once corresponded to a certain state. We generated themes and with such great creative musicians like Matīss (drums), Gatis (trumpet), Ugis (piano), Zanete (guitar), Austris (bass) we had a chance to jam and dress that moment in something more correspondent to our states. Life is never perfect because perfection is an absurd and nonexistent concept. Perfection can be anything and mean anything to anyone. Every sound enters the void and generates reflection, a projection of our feelings, thoughts and action. I thank all people that surrounded me on the stage and deeply thank those who were in the same vibration on that beautiful saturday's early afternoon. 

I just packed my suitcase and am hitting the road again for a week. Freedom is all we have, the rest of it is irrelevant.