Double U Double Me

We took a ship to Vienna last weekend. A huge cruise ship which departed from the ancient harbor of Riga City. I was surprised that people there were so similar to latvians (Rigans?) - they had three eyes, spoke at least four languages and had hair dark as the guts of the universe. Actually it felt that I have never left Riga (city which I love so much. Actually I think Latvia should be called - Riga and the rest of it we'd call a park thus making it a bigest city park in the world?) Anyway, I'm brewing my theories about that so stay tuned. Meanwhile (mean whale) observe the sky.


Mr Postman Knocked On The Door

       I started a newspaper of my own. You know, Kanye's making films with nice running in it, birds and angel - like servants. Why not a paper with just me and the band in it I thought? 
As I sip black coffee (not that I like it black but couldn't find milk in the fridge for multiple reasons) and go through the pages of somewhat one may call a newsletter or a fan update, or whatever else I might have despised not too long ago, I could think of only one thing - the importance of amazing people I've met so far in my life. It's incredible. I could write a story or two and they all together would mirror only the tiniest bit of an actual life of an individual. Life is crazy and so are we - humans. 

I can't say precisely what made me realize that writing music could be it. Even more, it changed my whole life. Thinking back I doubt that I have ever dreamed of living this much broke and actually being happy about it. Anyway, the journey continues. I've lined up 21 song to be recorded over period of next 3 months.

It all started with Tour De Friends and me sitting in a cold room in Dharamsala, India. "It has to be today I start making next album," I thought and set up everything to record something that would serve as a basis for all things to come. Came up with the name of that album the moment I was singing something about visiting the oracle while staring at a majestic peak of a mountain. I love it, I want to go back. I'm able to go back only in future, isn't it funny? You never go back. 

Stevie Gee is making a cover for Werewolves On A Mission, a skate rock album recorded in San Francisco due to the kindness of people I met there. Looking through the images on Gee's blog made my day today. I highly recommend to check it out now and find out where's Osama? 

I'm off to record something. Oh yeah, if you are a latvian reader and want this newspaper in your inbox send an email to elmars at elmarsuniverse.com