An Island

Finally I have a reason to blog about. I'm not in India, New Zealand, Frisco, nor am I in a place I've never been before when even a thought of remembering its name makes you feel special. This time it's as simple as this. I have followed Vincent Moon on Twitter and had followed his career from the time The Shins clip was on TakeAwayShow website or even before that, can't really remember. He posted something about a chance to host a premiere and to do that one had to enter a competition by making a comment on Wired website about why one wanted to host it etc. Not knowing any detail (I rarely read the whole text and am sure only few do that. majority looking at the photos only) I commented and then actually replied on twitter to Mr. Moon saying that if he really wanted me to make this premiere he should let me know then so I can make some arrangements. What didn't click to me at that time that it was THE world Premiere.
AN ISLAND - 3rd TEASER - Vincent Moon & Efterklang from Rumraket on Vimeo.

 Anyway,  I moved away from Riga few months ago because that city was too charming for me making me less productive with every hour. I've accumulated plenty of material from my travels and the summer to work with, plus I had to think about the next album. So I moved to my hometown Cesis, which is about a hundred km north east from the capital. It was a pleasure for me to get to know new people in this town with common interests. I asked Ilva (owner of an art gallery) if we could host a premiere and being as cool as she was I literally was given keys to that beautiful place. Projector and a screen borrowed  from a good friend Atis. An Island downloaded from the link Rasmus sent me. With the blessing of Mr. Moon and Rasmus we were ready to go. The last thing Vince told me over skype was to play it loud! And so we did - the rest is history

Skype didn't work neither before, nor after the film but it wasn't a big of a deal since the film itself was almost a divine experience leaving a significant imprint of beauty and bliss on our mind streams. 

I came back home and Rasmus was still online. Actually it was only then when it clicked to me that it was THE world premiere we just hosted. In this chain reaction I started receiving messages from people who couldn't make it and how awesome was the fact that we managed to do it. I told Rasmus that I couldn't remember the last time I was speechless (no I do - the scam (kidnapping) in Kashmir). I won't say anything more about the film, go to An Island website and check the closest location of a screening. I want to thank Efterklang, Vincent Moon, all the people involved in creation and all the people involved in hosting this premiere. Love to you all.