Full Speed Until You Bleed

First of all I now do know why you need air-conditioning and how it feels when you don't have it - it's sauna! It's a week now that I'm here and today is the first day when humidity seems to be gone. 
I met up with Richard in Dharamsala, India and it was very exciting to visit him in Brooklyn. We walked across Brooklyn bridge and he showed me a place where you can get real chai in Manhattan. Why my writing is so boring?
The legendary crossing. 
They were shooting a "romantic comedy" with Kate Hudson in East Village. 
The Heat. The Rooftop. The City.
Hollow Hills. We recorded 4 songs. Jonathan and Zach, I replaced Noel on bass. You'll hear it on my Tour De Friends mixtape later this summer. Yes there will be a mixtape of all songs recorded on the way. Tour De Friends.
Marilyn has most amazing tattoos I've ever seen! 
Not to waste time I asked a lady on the street where I could get real polish food. We're in Greenpoint, right, and I was dying to get potato pancakes and wasn't even dreaming of getting cold soup!!! And I affirm - it's legit, it's real, tastes as it should. 
Events after events. Parties on top of parties. Or parties on the rooftops?
Well, this was a wedding actually on the roof of the building I am staying in. 
Went out skating with Jack to Jersey.
Warm up place. You get warmed up just by getting there. It's in the middle of nowhere, it's Jersey, it's hot!
Isn't it Elliott Smith? Hold on, he's dead, but dude, he looked freakin similar and was about the right age. This is from yesterday's Camera Obscura show at Brooklyn Flea market.  
Full speed until you bleed. 

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