Stereo Espresso

Some may say - don't you ever look back. Well, I did! I found more photos on the same camera and discovered that I documented my march through the old town on the way from Riga airport where I just had happily arrived from New York. I love this city, no, let me put it this way and maybe hurt some feelings here but I love both cities. "Do you still live in that village?", Bobby asked once on my another frequent visit to Snice. I love my village. 

First stop and my final destination. Where else can you get a Stereo Espresso? For shizzle. 

 Hot ladies hanging around all day!

A small portion of national identity. 

 Check out my steeze. It's like a scene from Rockers.
 Sugar Man, won't you hurry
 "Having kids is like having a tattoo on your face...  You gotta be committed."

Revolution will not be televised. At least in 2 meter radius. In case of technical failure please don't call, evacuate. 

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