Hair Cut On The Water

Those are the only photos from first week since I still haven't got the adapter to charge all my electric stuff. I got the chord for computer from Steve and that's about it. Steve is the guy I am staying with. He lives in a heart of Mission and I can't be happier staying at his place. The whole weekend passed in his birthdays vibes. We kicked off his day by visiting Lafayette reservoir where we rented a couple rowing boats and Ben cutting my hair for a starter. 

Canoeing in a tin can. 
Ben checking the animals in my hair that I brought over from New Zealand. We counted fifty five species five of which where yet undiscovered. 
Mullet on a lake. Business front party back. What a feeling sporting this lion's mane. Well anyway, not to get attached to the wilderness I refreshed the top of my head and my pores saw the light.
Needless to say that the party was off the hook. The music was blasting through soundsystem Steve got in a thrift store the day before. Ben cut open the watermelon by smashing it with an oar. 
My hairdresser is leaving after beautifully done job. 
Couch on a mission. 
The biggest investment on this trip was buying a skateboard. Don't get me wrong but being back in the city after spending two months in a bush made me realized that most of my clothes are pretty much done. 
Will make some more photos once I get adapter. I'm here till sunday anyway! Good times San Francisco!

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