Werewolves On A Mission

San Francisco. I am speechless. Always admired steep streets in skateboard videos, cars jumping in Spike Jonze's clips and music that this place have inspired. It clicked to me on Haight street that Rodriguez might have sang the song about this street's hanging trees so me and Ben in the picture below went to shoot a couple of videos with his Iphone in the middle of the traffic. Earned 25 cents playing and gave it away to a beggar. 
It's so nice to be on the other side of Pacific. 
This was our spot for filming couple new songs behind the Ferry Building. The famous Pier 7 spot is on the left side of it and couldn't be more appropriate that this. 
I clearly forgot what feeling skateboarding gave me and after not being on board for the past three years I'm cruising streets of this beautiful city. If not skating I'd never have met Phil, Danny, Jay and probably never would have jammed with them. We worked on our 8th song today and we've written and recorded them in 9 hours. 
Sick ass wallrides was pure inspiration to never stop creating. Whatever that is music, drawing, storywriting, filming or taking photos. It's always part of the Mission.
Jay sent this photo to Thrasher, will see what comes out of it. 
Not only men skate, animals do too. 
Teasing lion. 
Hills in downtown. 
All the best and legendary spots are knobbed and culture is robbed. 
Werewolves on a Mission is the name of our project. Here the crew's chillin in china banks. 
bs wallride over the bench
fs wallride over the bench 
Our studio is Phil's bedroom. He plays drums. Yesterday neighbors called the cops. Well Jay, the singer is the master of handling angry neighbors and confusing Five O's . "Can you turn it down a little?" a cop asked. "I'm sorry, no, we gotta play as loud as the drummer" Jay replied. 
Zoltron Loves Us. Me and Josh found this artwork on Valencia and were bummed when they glued lame posters on top of it. Zoltron was back in a few days and we took advantage of it and shot this picture.
Mariachi's Tofu Mole is the best. 
From one jam to another. In between recording sesh. 

I'm extending my stay in SF for another couple days. I don't dare stopping the fun.

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