All Points North, No More Back and Forth

      Always loved waking up with the sunrise and so I did today, on my last day in South Island, NZ. From now on it all points North without resistance and on an instant flow. I had my morning drink, which usually is coffee and so it was today too. Listening to Gangstarr all day and this is my associations with it. Early skate video days. Cancer is a tough thing, might be even the manifestation of fears in a physical form. It's hard to get to it, but Adam Yauch from Beastie Boys is working on it and you may join him in helping to eliminate every single infected cell by smashing them in meditation.

He once sang about Big L, now someone has to sing about him - Rest In Peace. I heard Gangstarr for the first time in this part who-remembers-when! :

Have a sunny day both - on the inside and outside!

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