Life in Kakanui - It's Just Another Perfect Day.

            Oh, what a life! I will confess, I fell in love.... I fell in love with the sky! It's been hunting me for the last couple weeks and you know what, I just gave in to its beauty. So anyway, Kakanui, or Taranui to be more precise, is the spot where rainbows appear at 7:45 am on a purple sky with dark purple mountains on the horizon mixed with yellow green fields. It's the perfect cover for my new album, the vision I mean. 
Pacific glow
Jeremy and Zach. Taranui locals that I was very lucky to befriend. Walking Zach in the evening and in the morning, having a swim in a Pacific. Blue Penguin colony on the left, seals in the middle, together with caves and everything else worth exploring is just right there. Forgot to mention, beginning the day by listening to Rodriguez's Hate Street Dialogue is just very funny. 
Ever since my hike down to Querenstown the moon stayed full. I'm not sure why, but I'm here to discover.
From this photo on, I introduce you my new love. The Sky. Wow! It might be just me, but I really love it, don't  you?
Finishing up a nice day after walking a dog with a super smoothly cooked meal. Did you know that you have to caramelize the onions with brown sugar to get this unearthly taste!?

The studio setup. How I love this look. It gives me this drive of actually sitting down and writing, recording a song. That's what was done yesterday looking at the view captured in the photos above.
This is the end of the first part of Life in Kakanui. Going to the lakes over the weekend. Getting on a mission to explore South Island of the Land of White Clouds and obviously bringing good, creative vibes back to you. Sharing is caring. 

I hope this day will turn to gold for all of you. Love.

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