The Penguin Club and Farewell Song To The Nui

       Me and Jeremy packed our stuff into his four wheel drive Suzuki. Zach, huge dog friend, on the back seat eliminating last traces of fresh oxygen. We're ready to hit the road to Otematata, a place by the hydro dam and lakes where I measured 20 km by feet not too long ago. 

Play the song while reading the blog, it will generate the right feeling for you for sure.

Kakanui El Rancho. This is the rooftop and antenna to communicate with outer space.

"I will show you the back roads" said Jeremy and we hit not the shortest way but certainly the most exciting one on the backroads. Elephant rocks was our first stop and I can tell you what, it looked completely different as I remembered from 4 years ago. Well one thing, it was all dry and yellow now. We had super juicy green grass last time we were there. The summer's been pretty dry so...

Shapes of Penguins, Skulls and city of Jerusalem, this what you get to see here. Well and plenty of tourists too, including me. Can't hide it with camera hanging down in your hand.

I wonder who lived there?

Yeah, the city of Jerusalem you may wonder. Yes! It's the whole filming set there. They ran short on money so not shooting currently but the whole set is there and it's not that we could go and not that we really wanted to but, it looked great. Meaning - great for a Jerusalem and great for Jerusalem in New Zealand. You may end up thinking it's not that great after all. Let's not go there anyway.

A head of a giant or what once was a head. I see the skull with one eye still in there. What do you see?

Lakes were extremely turquoise on the way to our destination and sometimes it seemed to outshine the sky.

The Swamp in Ote was as welcoming as usual. The barbecue was on fire and so was Jeremy, the guru of barbecue. Despite the fact that I am vegetarian I really enjoyed hanging out seeing men at work and grilled vegetables with mushrooms tasted unearthly.

I will repeat myself if told you how beautiful the sky is looking from this angle. And I really needed to take rocks as models and figure out the movement of the sun here, which, I can tell you, is the opposite of Northern Hemisphere but still goes from East to West. Get it?

Mornings on the lakes. All range of colors and shapes. Was standing in the front of the boat, lightly leaning to its windshield and eating air like dogs do when they get to the open window in a car.

The campus was fed well and was resting far too much. So me and Steffo (on the left) took our bellies for a bicycle ride and I can swear I almost left my heart there on the road up to the dam and even further on up the lookout track. Going down was hell-yeah-no-breakes fun until I noticed how the front wheel was vibrating to the extent it could disconnect.

Do I have to mention that this day was extremely beautiful? We found this little beach after cruising around the lakes for hours.

The Penguin Club. I was so glad to play there for the second time. It's really surprising what great bands have played this venue in such a small town like Oamaru. I spotted the's poster. That's the japanese girl band that Tarantino used in Kill Bill's I soundtrack. Wicked. 
In the pictuere belowe I am probably playing Beastie Boy's Gratitude and the drummer is rapping while playing drums and penguins spinning vinyl.
The last evening in Kakanui before I head off to Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. The trip is halfway and now it's halfway home. 

Checked the mail, nothing for me. Will check it next time, hopefully something except for bills. 
The Sun too is shining from underneath sometimes. Especially in The Nui so you don't have to worry about burning the skin on your nose but rather the nostrils. Who knows what happens if you have a couple holes in your jeans in the right places. Can be painful. 
Sleeping maori was shining light as he always does on the evening before. I am very much pleased with couple recordings done here and 5 songs written in The Nui. Thank you very much, it was auspicious time and wild times too. See you wherever my path will take me! Much Love. 

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