Time flies and usually I find myself either being behind it or ahead but never truly in it. It's very hard to actually stay focused on current flow of things and stay away from rushing it or slowing it down. Each and every moment brings something new and by not being in this moment we are robbing the joy from this beautiful, ugly, depressing, joyful or whatever-you-make-of-it occurrence which turns out to be our life. Leaving McLeod Ganj was probably the hardest thing on this trip so far and that's only because the tendency I just described. The good thing about change is that I know not only good things go but bad things go too. Great Indian master Shantideva put it - why be sad about the fact that some people don't like us because there are ones that do like us and on the other hand why be too happy about the fact that people like us, there are the ones who don't. Eh, sounds so damn simple but I guess it's in our worldly nature to make things hard and difficult so any simplicity is in fact genuine. 

Twelve hour stopover in Kuala Lumpur turned out to be something very enjoyable and fun. Went to KLCC twin tower and walked over the bridge. I don't want to compare it with anything and I won't so I just be in a moment and say it was as it was - fun! 

After sneaking in the lift to go up to Twin Towers with Ihsan, indonesian guy who helped me out with getting right direction in town and came along to walk over the bridge too, I headed off to China Town. 
I met Linda right when I was asking for direction on the street. Honestly, she made that day so enjoyable and fun. I needed to buy new shoes. Despite all the good (even lifesaving) quialities of my Vans shoes that I described in previous entries, my old shoes were dying fast. The elements destroyed them and I couldn't feel more fortunate to let them go with honer and respect. So we walked around China Town wrapped in Kuala Lumpur's humidity having fun, chatting with locals, looking for shoes which turned out to be what they referred to as a very good copy of Timberland's.
Right when I needed to head back to the airport and Lin had to go back to the hotel it started to rain like crazy! Lightning, thunder and some Malaysian guy in his sixties stressing the importance of going to the airport a couple hours early otherwise I'd miss my flight kept us under the roof for a while.
It rained and rained. We ran in the rain by not getting wet. Either that or you couldn't feel it anyway because of the high humidity in the first part of the day. I made it to the airport in my new kicks and sunglasses. Considering the fact that at that point I hadn't slept for two days I was pretty fine. Had some more coffee on top of tons of it already and proceeded on my way down to Southern Hemisphere. 

Hello Auckland, how ya doin? Picked up by two blond girls and taken straight to Raglan. I couldn't have dreamt of better scenario. 
This cat here is Thibaut from France. I met him in Raglan. He was reading newspaper and drinking coffee. I asked what date it was because I wanted to check with date I saw in the newspaper. Three days on the road and in the air, heavy time change and whatnot dissolves any reference point that I might have  had about time.
Just coming in from Bali without any cash and a broken board. Stuck in Raglan with no forecast for any waves for a couple days ahead he joined me and Sandra, my host, on the way back to Auckland. 
We picked up his stuff from a beautifully placed hostel on top of the hill with little cute cabins which reminded me of something I didn't know or seen before.
It's not a cover art of any of Nick Cave's albums but I think it's not less nice. Sandra had to drop a wakeboard here and after a very good coffee, sandwich, little guitar session we left for Auckland, without detours this time. 
I was staying on Summer st. 33, do I need to say more? 
This is a jeans short communication. 
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! 
At least they're aware of what they're doing.

You know I am a bad ass gourmand just as I am not. I just couldn't resist not having sushi on my lonely evenings in Auckland. Seriously, that's something I was longing for. Still vegetarian tho. And I am not comparing again but in McLeod... 

I am on the Pacific coast of NZ in South Island. Wind is just crazy and you can see elements playing and interacting with each other. It's strange to be at Backpacker's during the day using internet and then staying in a very nice house at night. Some people do it the other way around but that's the beauty of this world - it's all subjective and we share only certain aspects of our experience in a seemingly similar environment. I am off for an air walk. 

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