Moon In Full and Tree Climbing Old School

Here I am, DJing for the last time in March 2 at One Two cafe by Tashi's request. Mulatu Astaque is playing mellow tunes and brings some mistery into the room as it wasn't enough of it already. His Holiness The 14th Dalailama is giving teaching with commentary and you can hear His voice just standing outside the cafe. Departing today from McLeod Ganj and I tell you what - it's been more than I ever could've expected and have not a single doubt that if everything goes well then I return here very soon. This is the last blog entry from India as well. It's been 7 weeks and 6 entries and hope you enjoyed it and will continue being as interested in this as you were to this point! Photos below are from Dalailama's arrival from US. There's this poster of Him to gether with Barrack Obama right at the entrence in the temple. Check all these faces, pretty exciting! 

Western monks and nuns lighting up some incense. Philip is a buddy now and I am very fortunate to know him now. 

Now I don't know how to explain this below. 
Monkeys always come to show off to the crowd. These brown ones are really scary, hooligans to say the least!
This is one of my favorite photos so far! Light is coming in from the street and Helmet Saves Life, got it?
Philip studies in Sera Monastery in the South. Incredibly wise young man! 
This is Tashi, a guy responsible for most of the tasty coffees in town! 
A little proof that I'm still eating and fine. 
Full Moon. As real as it gets. 
Moonpeak because of power cuts again. Nostalgic for these places already. Spoiling myself alittle bit on my last day. 
Ok, get this - it hit me only on the last day what was written here. If you can't understand, employ your russian language skills if present. 
It's all about the Moon!!! 
A song on ex Chris's now Mandela's guitar. Kind of tibetan sound. Did it yesterday on the last evening here. 
Well, I didn't want to waste a single minute and we arranged to go to hang some prayerflags with Philip up in the mountain. 
That's me in the tree. Never been up in the tree this early. Maybe around 6:30?
Getting down is the toughest part. 

Things flow and caused by many causes and conditions I will not even try to get attached to this place or any other that I am going to. But I'll definitely let you know how it goes! Wish me luck, next post is from New Zealand where Sandra, a latvian girl is picking me up from the airport and we're going to Raglan. Well, to be honest, I still have to survive a crazy ride back on the bus down the most craziest turns. Love.

4 komentāri:

  1. Raimonds...I am so glad we connected in McleodGanj. Unlike you, I became VERY attached to the place, I don't think I will ever get to be fully Buddhist about stuff like that, I'm too emotional! haha
    You are an amazing soul out of many amazing souls met on that mountain.
    I look forward to hearing more of your music and reading about your continuing adventures.
    Never stop to seize life!

  2. Mmm, cik patīkami!!! Tātad, kaut kam ir arī turpinājums!! :) Un paldies par Brauniju! hehhe:))))

  3. Tammy! Thank you so much for such kind words! You know that place is like a magnet and it's harder not to meet amazing souls than actually meet them! I am rich by knowing you all!!!

    I am in Auckland now, well, honestly New Zealand has a first class nature. Very refined compared to Himalayas where it's more robust. Can't really compare but if I had to then I'd put it like there's a beauty that's obvious and a beauty that you have to feel.