Butter With Butter, If It's Still No Good - Add More Butter.

So this is a quick notice of the visit to Temple for some government-in-exile speeches and traditional dances in the middle of a break of a Monlam prayer festival. Just photos in this one cause I'm on to writing another blog and leave this place at 19:00. 
Older people got style fo sho. 
Some fluting and drumming! 
Yep, thick layer of butter this time. Probably because of all the ministers and a special occasion, cause usually it's a little bit more watery. Monks are fast as bees serving tee and rice with dried fruits.
I really like the photo above. The cup belongs to a nun and she is gesturing with her left arm to pour more. 
Eating from a hand never been this nice and anti hygienic. Honestly I've never been a big fan of hygiene. I think this is something we're overpaying for in the West. 

Bon appetite once again! 

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