Good Personality

Have you heard such compliment just going down the street? Come here and don't dress up in scarves and blankets and you' ll get it. It's not even a week that I'm here but it seems like forever. Anyway, being second time here is much more enjoyable and relaxed. Spent 22 hours on a train from Delhi to Varanasi instead of 12 and now waiting for a friend to arrive in a couple days and then off to Bodhgaya, a town apprx 400 km from here. Wil try to put up some pictures but need to figure out how, at least found a card reader today  so it means visual pleasures are coming soon.

Got lost yesterday on the way from Benares university to hotel and ended up walking accross the river a couple kilometers and it was probably the most enjoyable time I ever had here in Varanasi. The sun was setting down and the feeling was as I was thrown a couple of centuries back. Noone's around, just man shit and astounding beauty of this continent. They use the river bank for toilet. In the end of that trail two little girls where picking it up with bare hands. They smiled at us and continued their work.

Right before the dawn you can see many kites flying around, catching thermal winds and fighting with each other while I'm sitting on the rooftop of the hostel writing notes and sipping milk tea.

Two portugese friends are fighting with some stomach infection today. Cremation of 150 bodies a day is neverending as usual and probably they will also burn the man who was lying on the roadside yesterday coverd with cloth. You get to see all aspects of this existense by just walking down the street and realize how fragile, strong, different and very much the same we' re all on this planet.

I'm off to grab a snack, didn't have breakfast today.

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  1. Nais indiid. Lai Tev tur veicas un iet un dziesmas raisaas.

  2. Neskatoties ne uz ko, izklausas, ka tur ir patiešām skaisti!
    Izbaudi visu uz maksimumu, veiksmi!