I'm Gonna Live Until I Die

So said Rodriguez at the show in Union Chapel and you know what, it's not something hard to believe after all. He also said some other things worth noticing but most importantly he sang... and sang the way that tears your heart apart and you just want to roll on the ground in tears of joy.  He's a legend undoubtedly and I feel very fortunate seeing him live.

I wrote this way before coming to Latvia where some cosmic sickness struck me and my head swelled up. It has nothing to do with the header, I wasn't going to die or anything. Simply my body was rebellious against all the ideas and things I planned to do during holidays. Unplugged.

Just got some photos from last London gig.

Getting some shows in Riga and around till 21st when guess what, I am heading to India and New Zealand. Catch me if you can. Will post more when my brain gets back to normal mode, till then lazy and slow like an elephant (indian, they're smaller and I'm going there anyway).

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