Off The Fence

     Tried my luck in directing a video for a new song which I yet have to finish. Needless to say it was a lot of fun, especially freezing my ass off in a swamp. Well, I shouldn't complain because actors were in a skinny outfit and thin shoes freezing to the bone. My heart shrank everytime I looked at their frozen hands and cheeks so my fat ass was just fine. The crew of ten people spent one day on ice in a cold wind at -10 degrees Celsius. The intention was to tell a story and I tell you that I realized that it's not an easy way to do it. Being an absolute rookie myself together with an experienced cameraman came up with a script and a storyboard wishing to embody certain amount of skill, taste and luck from our favorite directors we kicked it off on a saturday afternoon, driving cars around the city of Riga. Bit thanks to everyone involved, it's been such a pleasure. The effort from people was enormous and I wish the result will be satisfying for all of us.

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