"Traveling, without moving", a quote often used to describe a flight of thoughts without moving your body (or it's the way I'm using it). I never been to Ladakh but spent last two days with monks from this beautiful place, where Philip, a monk who I got to know in Dharamsala, memorized two books for the next year of his studies in Sera Jey monastery. Thus the term about traveling fully applies to my current state.

I've been very lucky to play gigs every weekend all this time when I got back from Tour De Friends. I realized the fact that the whole concept matured during six months and has taken a solid path in a direction that I couldn't have imagined. Yet, my computer is down and I can't mix 26 songs including Werewolves On A Mission and Tour De Friends mixtape. But that's a wrong excuse anyway (aNYway). Ben captured some footy from Portrero skatepark in SanFrancisco and mixed it with our song that he filmed in one of the recording sessions in Mission.

Currently I'm on a tour with a really good friend Gustavo and am featured on 3 of his songs, which is a real honer to me. Check out some photos from our first show here.

I gladly joined a musical workshop with some amazing musicians and spent a week writing and recording songs using poems of our legendary national poet. The album is out in spring. 

Still haven't packed out properly so my camera is somewhere in the bottom of a bag - no photos, just memories that I can share. 

Hopefully this gave a little insight in my routine. I'm closer to the place I belong than I've ever been. 


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  1. I'm closer to the place I belong than I've ever been. precīzāk nepateikt :)